Old Habits Die Hard

facebook-reactionsIt’s been a while since I have last written and after coming back after a sabbatical of sorts it’s great to see there has been so much going on.

One of the most recent happenings is Facebook reactions. Ok fine, yes I know it’s old news now but what’s interesting to see in the 2 weeks since it has been implemented how people have been using it.

Out of personal experience, whenever I see a post I still usually just “like’ it rather than looking at the other reactions. Curious to see how other people behave online I checked posts by other popular content publishers such as BuzzFeed and this is what I found:

  1. Post 1- 17k likes, 1.5k haha’s, 300+ loves
  2. Post 2 – 34.5k likes, 1.4k love, 700+ haha
  3. Post 3 – 23k likes, 2.7k haha, 400+ love

Clearly ‘Old habits die hard’ people are not interested in multiple reactions, they only want to show their engagement and interest with the post, either through a like or a dislike. There is also an added effort needed to choose the right reaction.

I have seen a lot of posts telling companies how to get their following to say that they ‘love’ or are ‘angry’ at posts to get a better engagement, however does Facebook weigh each of these reactions differently? Do you get a better engagement rate if more people click ‘wow’ instead of ‘like’? is it worth all the effort? or in the end should brands be happy that their posts get engaged with?

As a brand manager to be honest it is difficult enough to get your post seen organically amongst all the other content clutter out there, and even more so difficult to get people to engage with your posts, so at this point I am quite happy that my followers engage with the content. I would be happy of course if I got more ‘wow’s (who wouldn’t?) but I am on the fence about the additional effort needed to change people’s behaviour and the impact it has on your overall marketing strategy.

What are your thoughts?