How to Grow a New Brand

What is the first thing you do when you have a new (or existing brand that got a makeover) that you have to work with?

This is a challenge in my new position, which needs to be resolved. So what are the first steps to take:


  1. Decide on your Brand Identity
    This doesn’t mean just creating a new logo, it means defining what your brand is, and more importantly what it is not. To do so, an understanding is needed of who your target market is, and who your competitors are. How can you appeal to your market, while standing out from the competition.
    Tip: ‘Does your brand identity reflect the values and aspirations of your target audience?’ if it does not then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the product or who you are selling to.

  2. Create a Visual Identity
    Oknow you can go ahead and create a logo. Creating a visual identity needs to reflect your brand’s identity, tone of voice, and aspirations in a visual context that is not just appealing and attractive but it attracts and connects to your audience. This includes, the look of the brand in the design, creating a unique elements which is reflective of the identity and is distinctive to the brand. Consideration needs to be given to the photography guide, the models, the fonts, the colors, and the overall style.
    Tip: While it’s great to be different and stand out, you need to be careful not to be ‘Too out there’ which will compromise brand identity. Think long term, assess if the visuals will be suitable in multiple campaigns and not just for the moment.

  3. Marketing & Sales Strategy
    Where you sell and market yourself is a reflection of the brand. The channels, content and price need to match the identity of the brand as well as of the audience.
    Tip: Choose channels your audience are active on. Monitor content which engages and create a content strategy based around it. Grow and engage, engage, engage.



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